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We solved all the problems.

Problem #1: All Feet Are Shaped Differently

Skip the foam box, the long wait and the $200+ custom orthotic. Our technology (multiple patents granted and pending worldwide) revolutionizes custom orthotics.

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Problem #2: Shock energy ... FP Insoles eat it.

FP Insoles absorb the shock that makes you tired and sore.

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#3: Proven By You

There’s no better proof that our insoles work than you. Tag us with your videos @fpinsoles

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Trusted by top professionals including NASA.

NASA hired us to manufacture energy absorbers for use on the ISS.

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Best Snowboarding insoles 6 years straight at The Good Ride.

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Tony Hawk named us as one of his top 5 favorite products in the Wall Street Journal.

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Trusted by Cirque Du Soleil acrobats.

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