Arch Support Insoles

Our arch support insoles provide enhanced comfort and balance for people with flat feet, plantar fasciitis or who are on their feet all day. Arch support insoles minimize joint soreness and maximize support to improve your performance with each and every step.

Arch Support Insoles

Arch Support Insole FAQs

What Are Arch Support Insoles?

Arch support insoles are contoured shoe inserts providing enhanced stability and alignment for those with flat feet, plantar fasciitis and/or people on their feet all day. Arch support insoles lift your foot arch to improve foot positioning, redistribute pressure points, reduce strain on arches and joints, enhance gait and absorb shock with cushioning.

Do I Need Arch Support or Flat Insoles?

Your ideal insole type will depend on the shape of your foot's arch. Those with high arches benefit most from flat insoles that provide extra cushioning. 

If you have flat feet, arch support insoles are recommended to promote better alignment and even distribution of pressure.

How Can Arch Support Insoles Help Fix Flat Feet?

Although arch support insoles don't permanently change the structure of flat feet, they can help by lifting a fallen arch to improve alignment, reduce inward foot rolling, evenly distribute pressure across the foot and provide enhanced comfort.

How Do Arch Support Insoles Help Prevent Overpronation?

Arch support insoles have a contoured lift under the arch that resists excessive inward foot rolling, known as overpronation. Arch support insoles keep the foot neutrally aligned, distributing pressure evenly across your foot for better mechanics, propulsion (propelling the body forward) and reduced strain during walking or running.

Can Arch Support Insoles Help With Knee or Back Pain?

Yes, proper foot alignment through arch support insoles can positively influence the alignment of the entire lower body. This alignment improvement can reduce knee, hip and lower back discomfort for many individuals.