Affordable and Customizable Insoles: Your Path to Foot Relief

We know you're no stranger to the discomfort of enduring foot pain after hours on your feet or from intense sporting activities. That's why we've developed the ultimate solution to help you avoid this dreaded pain. FP Insoles is your solution to a pain-free stride that feels like walking on a cloud — at every hour of your day.

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Get All-Day Support You Can Count On With FP Insoles

Your feet bear the weight of your body (and other things you carry) day in and day out. When you stand for extended periods, this continuous pressure can disrupt your natural alignment, leading to discomfort and pain in your feet, knees, hips and lower back. And if your footwear lacks proper support, it can make matters worse.

That's where FP Insoles come in. We've designed insoles with you in mind, incorporating advanced shock-absorbing technology to reduce the impact on your joints and ensure your feet are correctly aligned inside your shoes.

Harmful Shock Absorption

Reduces impact, enhances comfort and minimizes risk of injury.

Customized Fit

Easily molds to your feet for personalized support and comfort.

Improved Alignment

Promotes better posture and reduces discomfort in hips, knees and back.

Lasting Durability

Designed to withstand daily use, ensuring consistent support, shock absorption and comfort.

How Do FP Insoles Provide Foot Support?

At FP Insoles, we understand that foot discomfort can affect your overall well-being. That's why we've engineered our insoles to provide you with the support and comfort you deserve.

Here's how FP Insoles support your feet to keep you pain-free every day:

Customized Arch Support

FP Insoles provide exceptional arch support tailored to your needs, whether you have high arches, low arches or flat feet. Easily mold the insoles to your feet by warming them in the oven and shaping for a custom fit. This maintains your natural arch for even weight distribution and superior comfort.

Advanced Shock Absorption Technology

FP Insoles incorporate cutting-edge shock-absorbing technology trusted by NASA. This feature cushions your feet against impact during each step, reducing stress on joints and muscles, enhancing your comfort and minimizing the risk of foot-related injuries.

4.9/5.0 Star Reviews

Gamechangers Custom Orthotics - FP Camo

  • Fits in most shoes. Can be trimmed down up to one full size.
  • Now comes with our Heel Saviors product for extreme heel impact protection for action sports.
  • Guaranteed life changer for people with flat to mid arch or your money back!
  • Absorbs more than 90% of shock energy in lab testing compared to only 53% in other “performance” insoles (ASTM F 1614-1999)
  • Custom forms to the unique arch shape and provides prevention of overpronation related injury and soreness
  • Excellent for snowboard custom boot fitting
  • Our proprietary material is the exact same formulation as used by NASA on the ISS

Customizing Your FP Insoles Is Easy— Here’s How It Works

1. Heat the Insoles

Heat your FP Insoles in the oven at 225° for 8 – 10 minutes to soften the inner arch chamber.

2. Mold to Your Custom Fit

Place insoles in your shoes and either walk for a dynamic mold, stand on it for a solid mold or sit and apply moderate pressure for an arch-building mold.

3. Enjoy Personalized Comfort

Experience increased balance, arch support, extended performance and injury prevention.

Trusted by top professionals including NASA.

NASA hired us to manufacture energy absorbers for use on the ISS.

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Unmatched Comfort and Support: The FP Insoles Difference

If you're wondering whether upgrading your shoe insoles can truly impact your daily life, consider this: sub-par insoles can lead to various foot problems, including pain, discomfort and an increased risk of injury, all of which can hinder your ability to enjoy daily life.

Say goodbye to ineffective insoles and choose FP Insoles for a pain-free, comfortable day-to-day experience:

FP Insoles

  • Exceptional Arch Support: Tailored arch support for your maximum comfort.
  • Personalized Fit: Molded to your unique foot shape for unmatched support.
  • Advanced Shock Absorption: Cushioned steps using cutting-edge tech.
  • Enhanced Alignment: Align knees, hips and back for better posture.
  • Long-Lasting Durability: Designed to withstand daily use.
  • Easy Molding Process: Convenient and accessible customization from the comfort of your home.

Other Insoles

  • Limited Arch Support: Basic arch support may lead to discomfort.
  • Generic Fit: One-size-fits-all may not suit your unique feet.
  • Basic Shock Absorption: Reduced cushioning compared to advanced options.
  • May Not Enhance Alignment: Potential for inadequate posture support.
  • Shorter Lifespan and Durability: May require frequent replacements.
  • Complex Molding Process: May be challenging or require professional assistance, making customization difficult.

Here’s What People Are Saying About FP Insoles

“These are AMAZING. I have severe overpronation in both ankles, and these have helped me heal while allowing me to wear non-orthopedic shoes.”

— Maya W.

“I have had flat/wide feet all my l life and have started running and working out nearly every morning. My knees and, shins and ankles have been in pain for months now. After two days of wearing my game changers during workout sessions, I have had no lower leg pain at all and have not even used ibuprofen to get through the day for the first time in months! These are amazing!”

— Amazon Customer

Ready to Say Goodbye to Foot Discomfort?

Discover the power of customizable, shock-absorbing insoles to alleviate your foot pain and elevate your daily life.