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On your feet all day and still haven't tried FP?

Shock energy is cumulative and as the day goes by, the muscles in your feet start to give out which leads to joint misalignment. Over the long term the soreness can turn into more chronic conditions like arthritis. Whether you’re a nurse, food service worker, barber or soldier, we can change your life by not only absorbing the shock energy but by keeping your joints aligned

Custom insoles for shock absorption and support- most popular

  • Great for restaurant shoes, boots and anyone on their feet for long periods of time.
  • If you have dress shoes get the 3mm versions.

Flat insoles for standing all day

  • Maximum shock absorbing insoles
  • Great for people with high arches that don’t need arch support.
Mike S

My wife calls me a sucker because I mean, well – I am. 

Drawn in from an Instagram ad that caught my eye, I did a little research on the company and the insoles. Seeing lots of skateboarders and frontline workers gushing about them, I decided to help my own aching feet. 

Im two days in now, and I feel rejuvenated. My back, knees, hips and of course – my FEET feel better. I’m literally on my feet all day at work, walking, climbing, and lifting. No more cramping, arch pain or just foot fatigue  I’m sure they’re going to continue to improve the longer I wear my boots too!

I am now a believer. Truly worth the purchase and I plan on a second set for my sneakers. 

Buy these now!!

Ricarte Soliva

It’s the best insoles I have bought in my life. It’s a gamechanger and I wear it daily also while lifting and skateboarding. I feel no pain on my foot and it’s truly worth every penny. I also made my friend try it out and he has also experienced the same feeling I had when I first tried it on. I love to thank the creators for creating this product.

Jay Key

I’m a heavy guy that walks on cement floors all night at work, usually 9-12 hours a night. Both knees are worn out I’m always in pain, NO shoes/boots alone have been comfortable enough, Redwing boots have came closer, so I bought footprint insoles to switch out with the factory. Huge difference right away, may go with next model ip as far as thickness, just because of my weight and those floors make me feel like I have shin splints all the time, feet are definitely happier, thanks FP

Farm hand

Comfy and make my feet feel great after a long day on the farm. I recommend and will buy another pair!


let me set the stage, I was having foot pain issues attributed to evening walk/jogs that would keep me awake at night it would wake me and I would rub them to no avail. Enter FootPrint orthotics, the magic wand No more foot pain keeping me awake! Quite the life changer, I don’t rely on caffeine to get me through the day, and I get to push my workouts a little harder.  I now have a few sets of orthotics and a set of game changers. They are in my work shoes, my skate shoes, my running shoes, and soon a set for my snowboard boots. Thanks FootPrint for giving my restful sleep back!

Steve M.

Extremely comfortable and it is amazing how well the shock absorbed when playing.  I use them for when I am playing pickleball or tennis.  So glad I purchased them.

Tyson Swanson
Footprint Insoles

Changed skateboarding for me.

If I could give them 1000 stars I would.

They increase your balance on the board by far.

Will never stop buying the gamechangers.


Deadass the best insole

Scott McCulloch
Amazon Delivery Driver

These insoles are the best I have ever had and I have tried many different brands. I deliver 200 stops a day and am on my feet all day walking up and down stairs, hopping in and out of a van and my feet feel great at the end of the day.

They are also inexpensive and my order was filled and shipped to me in 3 days.

Justin Howard

Only skate shoe I can skate now.


I was really excited to try these and as a heavyset individual I feel a lot of impact on my knees. When I first put them on I felt an immediate difference in that impact, but as I wore them longer I noticed that my feet which are already prone to supination were making the issue a bit worse. I’ve dealt with it most of my life and still wear them for the alleviation of impact, but when I stand my feet slant towards the outside and I have to engage my ankles to keep them from going further. For anyone who doesn’t have this issue I’m sure these would be amazing, for me though I have been toying with the idea of remolding them and purposefully slanting my feet towards the inside, but that would defeat the purpose of the orthotics, because I also have a fairly low arch. All in all I would still give this product good marks. 


Hands down best insoles I’ve had. They hold up the best and offer the most comfort. Comparable to the insoles I’ve gotten from my chiropractor for $300! Happy to have an alternative that works great. Highly recommend. 


These are the truth. YouTube a review and check them out if you don’t believe me. Your knees will thank you. i guarantee it

David Rogers
Property Maintenance

These insoles are life changing!! I’ve been dealing with footpain for at least a year and have bought and tried more insoles then I can count.. none ever worked past a day or 2 before seeming to cause more problems. I will be buying these insoles from here on out!!!

dindo macazo

5 star for product 1 star for company/shipping!

This product works for me! I’m a package delivery driver and it’s hard for me not to have it now. It got rid of at least 80 percent of my lower back pain.. 

As far as shipping, that’s a 1 star. My second order was either stolen or delivered to a different mailbox coz USPS marked it as delivered but it wasn’t in my mailbox.

no option for insuring the package or choosing a different Carrier to ship to Canada. So my second order was lost and lost money on that. 


I’ve had my insoles for too long now but they still feel awesome 🤣 I definitely need to get me a new pair! But overall 10/10

Jeffrey R Thompson II

F#$&ing amazing!


I got Neen William’s shoe in black a couple weeks ago and it is by far the best feeling shoe I’ve ever worn. 


I’ve been wearing them in my everyday shoes for a few months now. They still feel great, just like when I got them. They noticeably reduce the feel of impact from the pavement when walking around/running, like chasing our dog up the street. Style-wise, I love the pattern when I look down to grab my shoes in the morning. The fit was normal, I didn’t need to trim anything.


These insoles will certainly make your day better! Happy feet means a happier planet.


The insoles are insanely helpful. They fit in the shoe well and helped my foot pain almost go away. 


These insoles rule indeed – they basically are under my feet if i’m wearing shoes. I swap em into whatever shoe im wearing for that day.

Ray Reeves

I’ve been in the Automotive and Airlone Mechanic industry for a while. Within that time I’ve been searching for boots that will support my bad feet. “Plantar Fasciatis/ Flat Feet. I’ve probably been through 7 to 10 pairs of boots, all different brands, in hope’s that they’ll provide the relief I need in 8-10 + work hour days. I’d be in pain all day and while driving home. These insoles corrected all of the problems I had! The first couple of days were a little uncomfortable, but I could feel my feet aligning with the insole. I can work 10 hours or more without pain in my feet. I can run and I dont feel run down at the end of my shift! This is a must in the Blue Collar worker field. Dont leave home without them.


I haven’t tried the bowling ball test, but they do feel fine when I walk. I don’t skate, but I am in retail and I am on my feet for 9-10 hours a day. I can also definitely say that customer service is responsive and helpful. I like the art on the insoles it’s a shame they can’t be seen. 


Best insoles for everything can work long hours with no issues! 

Lee C

Live with severe heel spurs in both feet which even with the best orthotics, heel seats and shoes money can buy I knew three solid days of snow skiing might be asking too much.

My two sons (skaters) recommended I give the “Jaws” insoles a try for the trip. Purchased Kingfoam Elite and wore them for several days around the house to imprint them. 

Despite being super skeptical – I traded the insoles in my rental ski boots for the Kingfoam Elites, gritted my teeth and set off for the slopes.

Three days of keeping up with my hard charging sons later and WOW – my feet not only didn’t sideline me, but let me ENJOY a family skiing vacation and show the young bucks that the old man can still get down the mountain! Even went for 2-3 mile hikes after skiing all day!

Customer for life! Thanks for a great product!



Best insoles i have ever owned. Use them in my work boots every day. Still as comfortable as the first day i tried them. Highly recommend.

Alex M

Really made a difference for some of the hard impact moves when I practice kung-fu

Norfolk southern, signal maintenance

I usually buy orthotics from a local shoe retailer at an average of 75 bucks.  I figured I’d give these a try since the price point was great. The others usually last me about 6 months before they are shot. I’ve only been wearing these for about a month now and they are awesome. No leg fatigue at all so far. Hopefully I can update this in the future and give an honest opinion on the long term durability. Thanks for the quality product so far.

D. Mackenzie

Not bad. Better than most insoles I have tried. Although, that isn’t really saying much, since most insoles are complete garbage. These DO last long. I walk an average of 24 miles a week and these insoles look like they will last as long as the shoes I put them in. My only issue would be that the overall cushioning does fade a bit after a few months, but that is hardly even worth pointing out for anything other than critique. These really are very good insoles. Miles ahead of the nearest competition.

Bruce A

Thanks very much for the insoles. I chose the Gamechanger’s and they are excellent. My son a skateboarder told me about them. The website was great info for picking out the right ones for me. I have recommended them to my brother and a coworker. Thanks from my feet and legs.

Jayson Boon

Great fit and feel.  They work great, plan on ordering a couple more pairs for my other shoes.


Been using for about a week now and i can’t quite say that these are the perfect insoles for me just yet, but I can definitely say that I have felt some relief. I have flat feet and bad knees so I’ve struggled with chronic knee pain all my life and Im only 29. I’ve so far at least felt relief and am thankful for that.

Bobby Dynamite

The orthopedic insoles I purchased were shipped quickly. When on my feet, it feels like I’m walking on comfy soft cushions. Skating with these makes all the difference in taking impact and not getting foot fatigue so fast. 

Lenard Boof

60 days before I put a kick flip hole in my toebox. Most shoes last two weeks. Still have life in them yet, but I am through the inner plastic rim guard. The insoles have stopped my feet from being murdered when landing primo. Over all will probably buy again. 


I really like the insoles I got. I’ve had problems with my feet for a while and they’ve definitely  helped cut down on the pain. If you do a lot of running, walking, or standing I strongly recommend.

Drake Draven
B4D-W0LF Music

So I basically only wear these insoles because I’ve seen them used by the only people in the world who have jumped the biggest stair set jumped by someone of a skateboard of all time, and realized that insoles are all crap, and that these are the best in the world. They are the only reason my feet last long enough all day over working conditions that are crude and for real, we weren’t supposed to be walking on concrete all of our lives. Our bones let us know that we aren’t cut out for the things we’ve invented to make things easier, and I’ve been able to endure much longer times standing. These are not just for Skaters! These are for any person who can stand, and need help getting through a year of pain. My dad hasn’t tried it because he didn’t believe me, and I’m getting him a pair for Christmas. The impact is much more immense than you would ever imagine. I have huge feet and they make it in my size! I hope everyone on this earth could get the help this has given me in my everyday life.


Deadass best product I’ve ever purchased. Started a new job and was on my feet 10 hours a day and it got to the point I’d get home and couldn’t stand my arches hurt so much. Bought the kingfoam insole and deadass I don’t have any arch pain anymore.


Ordered two sets. One came with a small manufacturing defect. Sent support pictures and they sent a replacement right out!


The insoles feel a little odd when you first put them in especially when you aren’t used to having good insoles but after walking on them for a while you get used to it pretty quick. My girlfriend says she notices her feet hurt at work when she is not using them!

Kevin J

Best insoles on the market 

Lopez Auto Repair

I have to say I have had foot trouble since my early 20’s. Im 43. These insoles are absolutely amazing. When my son told be about them and that you put them in the oven, I was like “What? For real?” So I had to buy them and they are definitely worth it. My feet thank me everyday! You guys at Footprint Insoles are awesome.


For the last 4 years I have had a difficult time finding the right insole for my collapsed arch. With these form fitting insoles I finally have an arch that only bothers me one day a week instead of seven.

mike c

These just flat out work. I swap them from my daily beaters to tennis shoes and they take a little time, re conform to the different shoe and work.

Not going back to superfeet ever again


I use these for my work boots. These help with 10 hr shifts walking on concrete and up and down stairs. These definitely ease the joints. 


When I saw the ad about the insoles, I didn’t believe it. Then when my husband randomly came from the living room and told me to watch your ad not knowing I had just watched it; I figured I needed to give it a try. We bought 2 pairs. One for myself and one for my husband. I am always walking around and on my feet. So my feet and calves would be sore after the day is done. But when I tried the insoles for the first time, you can feel the difference. It was like walking on clouds, literally. I work for the sheriff department and we are constantly walking or running after inmates or people avoiding to get handcuffed. I told my fellow co-workers about the insoles and they all bought some. I’ve had mine since December and it is now March, they still feel great and I plan on purchasing more for all my shoes. Thank you for making a great brand. I always tell everyone about your company. Keep up the great work! 


Pari Milan

Used to get heelbruises off 4 stairs at 21, now im 29 and can still jump off roofs haha


I used to run up 14ers in sandals but as I’ve gotten older the last few times I did that my feet were aching so much I couldn’t enjoy the day and the soreness continued for several days after. I switched to trail running shoes and while I could make the round trip without the distracting aches, I still experienced soreness for a couple days after anything more than 6-8 miles roundtrips. 

I’d been recommended footbeds for my ski and snowboard boots and even tried them but experienced immediate discomfort and had decided late-day pain and soreness the next day was preferable to constantly adjusting the buckles and straps every lift ride up to get some relief from the footbeds pressure. 

The Gamechangers were recommended strongly on some reddit forums and by a ski instructor friend who spends 100+ days on the snow so I thought $50 was worth at least a try for pain relief. 

My first thought after doing the oven fitting was it felt just like a thick sock and I couldn’t imagine it would make much difference but in the last week I have ran 20+ miles and snowboarded at +12,000 twice with some short backcountry hikes… and while my muscles are feeling it, my feet are fine! 

I’m excited to try the Gamechangers in my ski boots and have already ordered a 2nd pair and might even get a 3rd so I don’t have to always keep track of which pair of footwear is holding them, I might even get back on my skateboard which I had given up a couple of years ago due to the constant impact injuries I was experiencing from relatively (compared to what I did when I was younger) small ollies over stairs. 


This soles are excellent,  great quality. Real comfort!  Highly recommended! 


very good insoles, tough to shape to shoe


I haven’t done the bowling ball test, but they feel great and comfortable even after a full day of being on my feet working in retail. The staff and customer service is also friendly and helpful. 

Laka Alama

Absolutely love the insoles!  Wish I could buy the shoes but they’re not offered in my size 14wide  !!!  I have used them in both my running shoes for working out and in my boots for work.  They performed great in both areas!  If I had to find a problem with them, the only thing that I personally would like for myself is a higher area or a more profound height applied to the plantar fasciitis portion of the insole so that I may feel the actual support being applied. Please let me know if you ever make your shoes in my size, MAHALO!!

Luke T

Here’s an x ray of my broken foot, I broke the base of 5th metatarsal clean off and it pokes out of my foot now. (Circled in pic) Whenever I do anything after little time it feels like I’m being stabbed in my foot and it hurts to the point I can’t walk sometimes. I skateboard so obviously that helps but what I wasn’t expecting was how it helped with everyday stuff. I detail cars and usually am on my feet for 8+ hours at a time. I got the moldable hi profile king foam elite insoles and they saved me. No pain, no soreness, nothing. I am beyond words at what these insoles have done for me. When skateboarding if I landed primo, it would hit right where that broken bone is. Session over, go home and ice and hopefully be okay in a day or 2 after some ibuprofen. Now when I land primo I don’t even feel it. Get up and try again. My friends and family think I’m crazy at how much I talk about these insoles. Keep it going, you saved me from foot surgery!

Hayden Navarro

I standby these insoles until every pair of shoes I have are filled with the best. Any other insole I use after using FP’s I immediately can feel a difference in other insoles. 


Hiked/jogged 20 miles the first day I got these and my feet were definitely less fatigued then they were on other recent 20 mile outings.  


After heating them and forming them to my feet, including all my weird bumps, they seemed a little harsh in the heal.  That feeling was gone in a few days.  They feel great like they are not even there. Perfect!

Trey M.

I was skeptical, at best, when I purchased these insoles. After working all day on my feet, I will never buy anything else. Great product!

Israel Perez

Best shoes that I tried so far!!

Dale T.

These shoes are really high quality and feel great and fit great. My only complaint would be the sizing tool put me at an 8.5 shoe, but I normally wear a 10US. I went with my gut and ordered the 10 and I’m glad I did!


Absolutely love these soles! I use them in my ski boots and it takes away a lot of the impact. They help me continue to throw massive cliffs and get after it in the backcountry 


I’m usually more of a low-impact skater, but when I was testing them out I tried skating stairs again. As of now I’m never NOT gonna have these in my shoes!  Definitely worth the money 👌


I love these foot shock absorbers. It helps with my Chiari Malformation. The pads keep me from migranes when walking around too often. A really great product to invest in for life!

Joe R.

Outstanding! Far exceeds my expectations. Fixing to buy more.


I do construction 40+hrs a week. These insoles have saved my feet, ankles, knees, hip, and lower back. I can comfortably run with 80-150lbs and not feel any repercussions that day or next. 

Alexi Gutierrez

Shits aight does the job you know

yossie Anderson


Excellent for flat feet and plantar fasciitis or anyone on their feet for long periods of time.  Anyone suffering from joint soreness. Want more balance, support and power off your step? These are the ones.

Most popular:

FLAT INSOLES : Best for High arch. Compatible with all foot types.

Replace your stock shoe insoles with our proprietary shock absorption technology to help you last far longer before getting sore. Trim to fit. If your size is out, simply get a larger size.

Choosing the right insole depends on your foot type

I have a low/flat arch

Custom Arch support is best


A low arch tends to roll inwards and “over pronates”. This leads to numerous alignment issues and joint soreness. All of our insoles absorb shock. Adding custom arch support is a great addition for those who

Stand/walk all day
Get sore knees hips and back

I have a high arch

Arch support typically isn't needed


A high arch tends to “Supinate” or roll outwards. Therefore Arch support has little or no effect and can worsen alignment issues. In this case a flat pure energy absorbing insole is best to relieve pressure off the heel and ball of the foot.

You have pressure problems on the forefoot and ball of foot
Tend to tweak or sprain your ankles


A mid arched foot can get both flat or orthotic insoles
A flat foot can choose a simple flat insole if desired however we recommend custom orthotics.
Check your shoe’s stock insoles to determine how thick of an FP Insole you should choose.
Women’s sizing is determined by adding 2 to men’s size. EX. a men’s 4 is a women’s 6
In case of out of stock sizes, all Flat insoles can be trimmed down to any size while orthotics can only be trimmed down one full size


Choose thickness which matches your shoe stock insoles.

Low profile (3.5mm): for dress shoes, some running shoes, roller skates and some snowboard boots
Mid profile (5mm): Fits in almost all shoes including cupsoles, running shoes, snowboard boots
Hi profile (7mm): Fits in vulcanized shoes (Classic rubber bottom sneakers) and most boots


Use the chat button on the right and send us a photo of your arch while standing and the insoles you will be replacing.