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FP Footwear Intercept Shoes OLD



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  • Designed by Neen Williams
  • Suede toe cap models featured hidden rubber lamination for increased durability
  • “Forever Cap” models feature extremely durable rubber toe cap
  • Extremely durable outsole
  • DGS Elite system absorbs massive shock energy while stabilizing joints
  • Heel collar for extended durability
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True to size fit guarantee

Follow these steps and if the shoes don’t fit, we will pay for your return shipping.

  1. Measure the length of the center line of insoles in your current shoes and buy the corresponding size:

Intercept SIZE CHART

  • 7 = 25.5 cm
  • 7.5 = 26cm
  • 8 = 26.5 cm
  • 8.5 = 27 cm
  • 9 =27.5 cm
  • 9.5= 28 cm
  • 10 =28.5 cm
  • 10.5 = 29 cm
  • 11 = 29.5 cm
  • 11.5 = 30 cm
  • 12 = 30.5 cm
Technology :

Dynamic Gait Stabilization Outsole System.

  • Dynamic: The outsole adapts to each step and point of impact, absorbing nearly all shock energy.
  • Gait : Built in heel cup and arch support guide the adaptive reaction of FluidX Non Newtonian Protection to support your foot’s bio mechanical performance.
  • Stabilization: During large impacts stabilization of the joints is supported.
  • Performance comparison: Nike Janoski Lunarlon 53% energy absorption | FP DGS 91% energy absorption.
Impact Energy:No shoe before has ever come close to the level of energy absorption in the FP DGS System. Expect an entirely new experience.
Board Feel:Because the DGS outsole has been hollowed out and filled with soft FluidX Protection material in the place of traditional rubbers and foams, the FP shoe has superior board feel and flexibility. It’s like a kungfu shoe that absorbs all the energy.
Joint Support:A deep heel cup and arch guide are built into the outsole which guides the impact and helps the ankle stay in a stable neutral position on big impacts and jumps, avoiding over pronation and helping to prevent serious injuries.
Kingfoam Insole:In addition to our revolutionary DGS outsole, each FP shoe comes stock with our signature Kingfoam Insoles. yes, that’s right. You’ll never have to fear a foot impact injury again.
Extended Durability:While other shoe cushioning materials start bad and end worse, our FluidX insert will continue to absorb energy from the first day of use to the last day. Simply put, it will out live the shoe.
Weight 2.3 lbs
US Size

M 10, M 10.5, M 11, M 11.5, M 12, M 12.5, M 13, M 6.5, M 7, M 7.5, M 8, M 8.5, M 9, M 9.5


Black, Navy Blue, White Forever Cap, White Ice Forever Cap


  1. Zain Alhomosh

    MY NEW FAVOURITE SKATE SHOE EVER. it took a while till it came in but it was because of the corona virus so it’s all cool. This shoe is the most comfortable shoe I had in a long minute. And the way they skate is like non other. They broke in immediately too. I throw some fp insoles and landed to good premos n didn’t even feel it. Recommend it 100% even if you don’t skate. It’s really comfortable and looks sick. Trust it looks better than pictures

  2. dmattessino83 (verified owner)

    shoes are super comfortable. Style is great picture doesn’t do it justice. Best skateshoe

  3. TC

    I’ve had about 10 solid multi-hour skate sessions in these> The “Forever Cap” is incredibly durable as well as consistent. The flick feels good and even despite the sole wearing down to the point of the tread having worn down still grips very well. The only negative with these shoes is that the laces are way too long. Also as expected the shock absorption is the best with the DGS, especially pairing FP King Foam insoles with them.

  4. Ali Maldonado (verified owner)

    Once i discovered that Neen had a model out i had to rep. I was looking for tech that delivered what it boasted in regards to shock displacement/absorbtion, and this shoe delivers incredibly. Allows for a longer sesh, harder sesh, and great out of box board-feel almost as if they’re broken in for you, without loss of comfort. It would be amazing to see an artist collab or creativeness in colorways eventually. Multi tone or alternately detailed panels. Just fun and would definately accentuate an already beastly shoe, and the expected mark up of such a shoe would be graciously accepted. The actual single gripe i would make has to be your packaging. The hills have eyes, and so do these sticky finger bastards looking to pilfer your kicks. It all but screams “i bet you $5 you wont steal me”. The inner box can have all the cool trimmings, but the outer should be discrete to protect the investment. Other than that, great job all around, truly. From the Chi

  5. Pedro

    Such a sick shoe, just wish there was bigger sizes!

  6. coynestodollars

    My review is on the White forever cap Size 9, This review will only be on how they fit and perform after 3 weeks of skating them. So let’s start with the fit. I had some issues with the stock insoles(not cut right to fit the shoe) but I wasn’t too worried cause I always put FP gamechangers in my shoes. This is where the quality drops for me, the gamechangers don’t work for this shoe, it causes the heel to sit too high and makes the shoe not fit right. I contacted FP and sent photos of the insoles that came with the shoe, they rushed out a new pair of the stock king foam insoles. The shoe felt so much better after using the stock insoles.(This shoe is made for a narrow foot) I have been using the gamechangers since 2011 or 2012 in my shoes, so not using them took some time to get used to not having all that support. The shoe has so much flexibility, feels broken in right away for walking and bending at the toe cap. Now let’s talk about board feel, I have never had a cup sole shoe have so much board feel, they really hit the nail on the head with board feel. The out sole grip was super grippy,never had any issues with gripping the board. As for the forever cap, now this is where I was struggling to get used to. This material is super durable but takes time to get used to how it flicks, (very different from a suede shoe flick) Now let’s talk Impact, This shoe out of the box absorbs impact pretty well, however I’m not jumping down any 10 sets, being 33 (those days are over) I landed primo a few times, still hurt but not too much.

    Pros: feel broken in right out of box, Great board feel, comfortable, Durability is great, Grips board well.
    Cons: Toe box is pretty narrow, Can’t use gamechanger insoles,Laces are kind of long.

    Final thoughts, Would I buy another pair? Yes I would buy another pair, however I wish they would make the toe box a little wider and make it so we can use gamechanger insoles. I hope my review helped. If it allowed me to give 3 1/2 stars I would but it’s 3 or 4 and decided 3 was best fit.

    • admin

      Thanks for the review. The DGS is a standalone system with it’s own arch support so you don’t need to add Gamechangers. The purpose of the shoe is to not need to add insoles. In the event you still wanted to add Gamechangers insoles, you simply add the low profile model which will fit fine. The normal profile Gamechangers which you have are too thick.

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