Kingfoam Orthotic Elite Insoles

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  • Extreme impact protection and durability
  • Thickness: 6mm toe to 8mm heel
  • Dual density arch chamber featuring our patent pending construction method dynamically adapts to each step.
  • Heat moldable heel cup. Heat in oven at 250 F for 10 minutes then place in shoes and walk.
  • TPU layer under fabric for extreme durability
  •  Absorbs more than 90% of shock energy in astm f1614 lab tests
  • Same formula we use for NASA
  • Break in period : 3-5 days
  • Trim width if too wide for shoes


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USA Men's | Women's size

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14 reviews for Kingfoam Orthotic Elite Insoles

  1. Dom

    These insoles rule indeed – they basically are under my feet if i’m wearing shoes. I swap em into whatever shoe im wearing for that day.

  2. Jayson Boon

    Great fit and feel.  They work great, plan on ordering a couple more pairs for my other shoes.

  3. Tanvir

    These are the truth. YouTube a review and check them out if you don’t believe me. Your knees will thank you. i guarantee it

  4. Peter

    These insoles will certainly make your day better! Happy feet means a happier planet.

  5. Steve M.

    Extremely comfortable and it is amazing how well the shock absorbed when playing.  I use them for when I am playing pickleball or tennis.  So glad I purchased them.

  6. Clayton

    I usually buy orthotics from a local shoe retailer at an average of 75 bucks.  I figured I’d give these a try since the price point was great. The others usually last me about 6 months before they are shot. I’ve only been wearing these for about a month now and they are awesome. No leg fatigue at all so far. Hopefully I can update this in the future and give an honest opinion on the long term durability. Thanks for the quality product so far.

  7. Peter A

    I’ve been wearing them in my everyday shoes for a few months now. They still feel great, just like when I got them. They noticeably reduce the feel of impact from the pavement when walking around/running, like chasing our dog up the street. Style-wise, I love the pattern when I look down to grab my shoes in the morning. The fit was normal, I didn’t need to trim anything.

  8. Alex M

    Really made a difference for some of the hard impact moves when I practice kung-fu

  9. Pari Milan

    Used to get heelbruises off 4 stairs at 21, now im 29 and can still jump off roofs haha

  10. D. Mackenzie

    Not bad. Better than most insoles I have tried. Although, that isn’t really saying much, since most insoles are complete garbage. These DO last long. I walk an average of 24 miles a week and these insoles look like they will last as long as the shoes I put them in. My only issue would be that the overall cushioning does fade a bit after a few months, but that is hardly even worth pointing out for anything other than critique. These really are very good insoles. Miles ahead of the nearest competition.

  11. Jeffrey R Thompson II

    F#$&ing amazing!

  12. Stefan

    Hands down best insoles I’ve had. They hold up the best and offer the most comfort. Comparable to the insoles I’ve gotten from my chiropractor for $300! Happy to have an alternative that works great. Highly recommend. 

  13. Steven

    I’ve had my insoles for too long now but they still feel awesome 🤣 I definitely need to get me a new pair! But overall 10/10

  14. James

    I was really excited to try these and as a heavyset individual I feel a lot of impact on my knees. When I first put them on I felt an immediate difference in that impact, but as I wore them longer I noticed that my feet which are already prone to supination were making the issue a bit worse. I’ve dealt with it most of my life and still wear them for the alleviation of impact, but when I stand my feet slant towards the outside and I have to engage my ankles to keep them from going further. For anyone who doesn’t have this issue I’m sure these would be amazing, for me though I have been toying with the idea of remolding them and purposefully slanting my feet towards the inside, but that would defeat the purpose of the orthotics, because I also have a fairly low arch. All in all I would still give this product good marks. 

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