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  • 5mm Version; fits in most shoes
  • 3mm version designed for dress shoes and shoes with paper thin insoles.
  • Similar to Gamechangers with a dynamic non newtonian arch core which reacts to each step.
  • Recommended for those who don’t suffer iomechanical issues or need firm custom orthotic support.
  • Now comes with extra heel risers for action sports.
  • Recommended for low to mid arch
  • Absorbs 90% of shock energy in lab testing compared to only 53% in other “performance” insoles (ASTM F 1614-1999)
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  • Reacts and adapts to each step
  • Stable support at the moment of impact
  • Feels like a cloud under your feet
  • Adapts to your unique arch shape
For shoes with 4mm or thicker stock insoles. For thinner try our Low profile Kingfoam Orthotics. For constantly firm custom arch support, try Gamechangers.

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USA Men's | Women's size

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10 reviews for Kingfoam Orthotic Insoles

  1. Hayden Navarro

    I standby these insoles until every pair of shoes I have are filled with the best. Any other insole I use after using FP’s I immediately can feel a difference in other insoles. 

  2. Sarah

    Hiked/jogged 20 miles the first day I got these and my feet were definitely less fatigued then they were on other recent 20 mile outings.  

  3. Alex

    very good insoles, tough to shape to shoe

  4. Mike S

    My wife calls me a sucker because I mean, well – I am. 

    Drawn in from an Instagram ad that caught my eye, I did a little research on the company and the insoles. Seeing lots of skateboarders and frontline workers gushing about them, I decided to help my own aching feet. 

    Im two days in now, and I feel rejuvenated. My back, knees, hips and of course – my FEET feel better. I’m literally on my feet all day at work, walking, climbing, and lifting. No more cramping, arch pain or just foot fatigue  I’m sure they’re going to continue to improve the longer I wear my boots too!

    I am now a believer. Truly worth the purchase and I plan on a second set for my sneakers. 

    Buy these now!!

  5. Joe R.

    Outstanding! Far exceeds my expectations. Fixing to buy more.

  6. Alexi Gutierrez

    Shits aight does the job you know

  7. Erick

    This soles are excellent,  great quality. Real comfort!  Highly recommended! 

  8. Daniel

    These are good. felt the arch stiff but after a hot session it molded to my feet and it felt good to skate once it was hot so it felt nice and soft.

  9. Kendrick

    Hi I am so grateful I found your site, I really found you
    by mistake, while I was browsing for other insoles, Regardless I ordered and so far they are great for my feet.

  10. Devin R. (verified owner)

    The insoles are WONDERFUL. The customer service kind of lacked though. Besides that though.. WONDERFUL product.

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