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FP Healing Field | Pulsed Electromagnetic Field | Human Charger | PEMF


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Olypmpic athlete Micky Papa:

Foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Andrew Falco:

  • Regarded as one of the most effective and serious healing/ recovery technologies , documented in thousands of clinical trials.
  • Comparable units cost thousands of dollars
  • Includes 2 custom built electromagnets up to 4000 gauss peak strength. ( Expandable up to 4 electromagnets)
  • Adjustable pulse frequency from .05 to  15 hz
  • Adjustable timer up to 12 hours for continuous use while sleeping
  • Square wave pulse based on NASA research which proved faster cell proliferation
  • 3 year warranty on electronic components



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The FP Pulsed electromagnetic field PEMF is the ultimate recovery technology which was proven by NASA for faster tissue proliferation. A pulsed magnetic wave interacts directly with your cells causing higher ATP (energy) levels and increased blood circulation. The FDA has approved this technology for faster bone healing and multiple clinical trials have shown it speeds up the healing process as well as helps to finally heal chronic conditions. If you want to feel at your peak, the FP PEMF is a worthy device with 2 powerful 4000 gauss magnets and expandable up to 4, there is nothing on the market that can complete in its price range.

PEMF technology increases blood oxygenation and cellular metabolism which in turn promotes:

This study showed that PEMF is the most superior treatment available in knee osteoarthritis:

“Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields… showed to be the most promising from the others: Balance Training, Diet, Diathermy, Hydrotherapy, High Level Laser Therapy, Interferential Current, Mudpack, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation, Musculoskeletal Manipulations, Shock Wave Therapy, Focal Muscle Vibration”

Disclaimer: This is not a medical device and not meant to cure any illness. If you suffer from a serious illness, see a doctor.

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1 review for FP Healing Field | Pulsed Electromagnetic Field | Human Charger | PEMF

  1. alex

    Can feel a huge difference. Sped up my metabolism. When I first started using it, it kept me up at nigth for the first few nights. You just get more energy, less groggy.I fall instantly asleep when I put the frequency low.

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